Vine pickled leaves (630gr)

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Ιngredient: Vine leaves, water, salt, kitrikooxy, preservatives: potassium pyrotheiodes

Net Weight: 420gr


Since 1963 the company “Makedoniki Gi”, produces pickled vegetables based on traditional Macedonian recipes.

The experience of first generation combined with the knowledge and dynamics of the second has as outcome the perfect taste and quality of the products.

In 1998, “Makedoniki Gi” completed its new facility on the 20th km O.N.R. Kavala-Xanthi in the Industrial Area of Kavala. The new building facilities were 5,500 sq. meters (including refrigeration areas, production stations with modern equipment, storage areas and offices.) in abidance with all rules of sanitation and safety set by the European Union.

In 2006 the company manifests an investment program which includes expansion of 1000 sq. meters with new production lines and bigger storage areas for the finished products.

The choice of the facility area was made by the criteria of the short distance from the fertile plains of Nestos for the supply of fresh and high quality vegetables of all kinds.

Makedoniki Gi manufactures various pickled vegetables like peppers, pickled cucumbers, roasted red peppers, sun dried tomatoes, capers, small tomatoes, vine leaves, olives etc. The products are packed in glass jars, pvc bags, metal and plastic vessels and barrels for industrial use.

In the year 2004, the company was further certified with HACCP and ISO-22000 food standards. The company has continuous chemical and microbiological checks and holds high the quality and safety of the products. In 2010 the company was certified with I.F.S. (International Food System) and B.R.C. (British Retail Consortium), the higher levels of quality control, from TUV HELLAS.