Rosemary in Ceramic Shaker

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Greek Rosemary in handmade ceramic shaker

Add rosemary to omelets and frittatas. Rosemary is a wonderful herb for seasoning chicken and lamb. Add rosemary to tomato sauces and soups. Even better than butter, purée rosemary with olive oil and use as a dipping sauce for bread

Net weight: aprox. 20g

Content: Loose herbs in ceramic sheaker.


Votania herb cultivation originates from the wild nature of Crete. Stems were collected at the right period from the mountains of Crete and then rooted in the greenhouse at specific temperature and humidity. This method reproduces a clone of the actual wild herb found in Crete’s nature, keeping the aromas, the medicinal properties and quality of the original plant.

No chemicals or pesticides are used during our cultivation, which gives an all natural and healthy produce.

One of the aims, is the protection and preservation of the biodiversity of Crete, which has been negatively affected due to excessive grazing, improper collection of wild herbs and the use of pesticides in farming.