Red Grape Vinegar and Thyme

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Aromatic Red Grape Vinegar with Fresh Mint naturally perfumed with fresh mint, fresh lemon peel and green cardamom, is intended to add a superb and unique flavour to salads, fish and pulses. We have tried to delight both the palate and the eyes of all gourmets. We suggest you remove the mint (since it is fresh) as the vinegar level goes down.

Only natural ingredient inside

Ingredients: White grape vinegar, mint, lemon peel, green cardamon

Net Weight: 210gr



Ta Mylelia ’ Water Mill … is the embodiment of a life-long passion for the forgotten tastes of rural Greece.

In 1992, renovated a 305 year-old watermill on the Greek island of Lesvos. Soon after restoration, the mill began producing kilos of stone-ground flour each day. To put this healthy, all-natural, durum wheat flour to good use, created a line of homemade, traditional Greek pasta, all-bran pasta, and gourmet flavoured pasta like saffron pasta, squid ink pasta and pasta kneaded with ouzo and feta cheese.

This was the start.

To imbue their products with authentic homemade tastes, we use only the highest quality fruits and vegetables, grown especially for us on small family farms which we visit every season. All of our products are traditionally made, not on an assembly line but at individual home-style kitchen stations where a single person prepares each day, only one product from start to finish, in a quantity of no more than 80 to 120 jars. They are all based on traditional Greek and Mediterranean recipes, typical of the Mediterranean diet, a proven beneficial regime proscribing healthy recipes and healthy eating.

The revival of the cottage industry into modern life is our principal goal. Therefore, ‘Ta Mylelia’ Water Mill range includes a large variety of almost-forgotten recipes, as well as many new ones inspired by Christina Panteleimonitis, the founder of ‘Ta Mylelia’ Water Mill. Many of Christina’s ideas and thoughts can be found in her cookbook ‘Ta Mylelia-a Family Concern’ published by ‘Livanis’.

They use no preservatives in their products, basing their production on old, traditional preservation methods for pasta dehydration and jar pasteurization. Olive oil, vinegar, salt, sugar, liqueur, honey, sterilization and most of all strict hygienic conditions are ‘secrets’ for long lasting 100% natural products.

Theys have won 10 gold and silver awards in international competitions for products like virgin olive oil with olive branch, herbal tea with orange peel, smoked aubergine caviar, honey dessert with nuts and raisins, mandarin preserve with whiskey, tomato sauce with celery and pineapple, smoked black olives, smoked garlic with mastiha, rose grape vinegar with fresh thyme and white grape vinegar with fresh mint.