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Is a special aperitif produced since 1920 exclusively in Kalamata by Callicounis Company. A blend of anis seeds and mastic resin is macerated into the alambic for one week and after is slowly distilled. This product is not tsipouro or tsikoudia.

Only natural ingredient inside

Main Ingredients:  Distillate blended with sugar syrup and water to the final proof of 35% alc/vol

Net Weight: 700ml



The Classic Architectural conception Building of the Company into the Center of Kalamata. Built in 1910.

In 1850 G. CALLICOUNIS established in Kalamata of Messinia prefecture in Greece, the first steam powered distillery equipment with the best known machinery at the time.

With studies of chemistry in Triesto and combining with imagination and knowledge a big variety of aromatic plants, roots and fruits from the vast vegetation of Southern Greece, he performed the creation of Distillates and extracts with original subtle tastes and flavours.

The such produced distillates, extracts, concentres and absolues are the aromatic and tasteful heart of the aperitifs, Digestifs, Bitters and liqueurs produced since by the Distillery.

And such become the fame of CALLICOUNIS products that King George A during his visit to Kalamata visited the factory and awarded N. Callicounis with the silver Cross of Knights for his services to the Greek industry.