Quince Paste

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Quince is one of the few fruits that have a strong, bitter, acidic and astringent taste. The term "marmalade", originally meant quince jam and came from the Portuguese word marmelo, which means "quince". There are many recipes with combinations of meat or dairy products,It is also rich in vitamin C.

Only natural ingredient inside

Ingredients: Sugar, Quince Juice (40%), Lemon Juice

Net Weight: 380 gr

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The Citrus created in 2008 to build and showcase the history of Campos and promote the cultivation, collection and distribution of citrus region. With a history of systematic cultivation and trade of the 14th century, the Citrus seeks to restore the myth of citrus showcasing creating a museum where visitors can learn about the edge of the area thanks to the citrus and seeing modern ways of manufacturing products based ones.

In the same area the fruit used to produce high quality products and significant nutritional value which are promoted in Greek and world market in order to highlight the importance of cultural and environmental characteristics of the area of origin. In Citrus can experience the past and the present and future of citrus Campos of Chios Island.