Organic Thyme Honey

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This wonderful, golden liquid is the miraculous product of honey bees and a natural delicious alternative to white sugar. Originates from the places Pelion and Olympus of Greece.

Net Weight: 500gr



Bioagros was established in 1990 by Papadopoulos Kostas, an agronomist and farmer of organic products. The company is mainly focused in the production, trading and exporting of Greek organic products to the European market, and in importing as well.

Besides exporting organic products, the last 15 years Vioagros constantly expanding local distribution network and range of products, including dairies and frozen food.

Bioagros privately owned warehouse with large fridges is covering an area of 4.000 square meters at Kria Vrisi Pellas and includes a production line of ready washed and cut salad . The cold storage facilities provide controlled conditions for vegetables and dairies (3000 tones capacity and 800 pallet of frozen products).

There is also a distribution, conservation and deep freezing storage facility in the center of Athens.

The company owns a private fleet of 12 cargo conservation and deep freeze trucks that deliver the products at every sale point almost every day.