Organic Strawberry tree Honey

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We proudly introduce you to our organic strawbeerry tree honey by "Axion Esti". This is a very nutritious honey collected twice a year. It contains nutrients important to the human body such as vitamins and minerals. What makes it even more important according to the Hippocratic treatment is the ingredient Coumadin, an anticoagulant which helps treating blood clotting. It's a honey made from one of the finest plants of the Greece. Its taste is bitter-sweet, the color is brown while the texture is naturally crystallized.This is a physical property of this variety of honey which can be altered to liquid form by puting the jar in hot water (up to 45 deg C or 110 deg F). It is not only a food source for the bees during during the winter months but of course a strong health shield for the human body

“The Bitter-Sweet Angel”

Net Weight: 450gr



The tradition of Dimakopoulos family in the beekeeping field begins in 1954 in Stemnitsa village, a pristine mountainous location in the province of Arcadia in Peloponnese, which is blessed with rich bee pastures lands and a diverse landscape.

Moreover, since 2007 the family company has spread its activity apart form conventional beekeeping into the organic beekeeping, a branch of the company named “Axion Esti”. Since then, all the organic products of “Axion Esti” beekeeping family are certified from the organization of control and certification for organic products “DIO”. Today the beekeepers of the family produce honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis, beeswax and herbal soaps using natural-organic methods.

“Axion Esti” taking advantage of the gifts provided by the Greek natural habitat are creating products of authentic flavors, of the highest purity and quality.

Also creating a “natural pharmacy” which shields and protects the human body while raises the state of one’s well being to new heights.

The reward of their tough, personal and full of love work was that company won a distinction in 2010 at the International Contest for the Best Organic Honey “BIOLMIEL” in Italy. In the same Contest in 2011 won the Gold Medal for the Fir Organic Honey and the Silver Medal for the Chestnut Organic Honey.