Organic Chestnut Honey



The chestnut trees, the lordly-ladies of the forests on Mount Parnon, freely allow the bees to collect nectar from their flowers creating a fine honey with strong flavor, dark brown color and full bodied sweetish taste. Chestnut Honey is of high nutritious value because of its high density in pollen grains. It is rich in tannins and saponins, the two ingredients that fight spider veins, varicose veins, phlebitis, and generally improve our blood circulation. It helps the digestive system, increases the mental clarity, has hydrating properties and is recommended for prostate problems and general diseases of the urinary system. The honey texture naturally crystallizes, however it can be brought back to its liquid form if the jar of honey is set in a pot of hot water (up to 45 deg C or 110 deg F). Enjoy its intense flavor and its rich characteristic aroma.