Green olive Tapenade

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With Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Soft and creamy mainly used as a dip, in sandwiches, salads, etc. It can also be served with feta cheese and sun dried tomato.

Only natural ingredient inside

Ingredients: Olive Pasta, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Water.

Net Weight: 200gr



Amvrosia Gourmet operates in the specialized foods Mediterranean diet since 1994 with great success.

With its range of products in fresh herbs, Pate Mediterranean Diet, and products such as Capers and Sundried Tomato, our clientele spans across Greece in big hotel chains & Delicatessen stores, cruise ship catering, crafts pasta & bakery preparations meat processing and production of finger food, and large distribution networks.

Also meet the needs of most of Europe via major European distribution networks in countries such as Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, and several countries around the world such as America and Australia. Our export this effort is supported by our continued presence in major international exhibitions abroad such as SIAL & the ANUGA.

The company Amvrosia Gourmet by following the rhythms of times and the change in eating habits pioneer, producing products strictly correlated with the Mediterranean Diet and solely under Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil. All this in production conditions fully compliant with the International Standard ISO22000 and the standards of the U.S. Food & Drug Agency FDA.