Grape Vinegar with Tangerine and Spices

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Ripe wine grapes of the variety "Roditis"are vinified at low temperatures in order to give out a wine with rich aroma bouquet, from which a white grape vinegar, vivid with high acidity is produced. Afterwords mandarin peels with a mixture of spices are dipped in it for a few days so as to achieve the final complex aroma and taste. Hand picked grapes of the Greek, white wine variety "Roditis". Average yield per acre: 800 to 1000 kilos with a sugar content of 22-24 brix.

Only natural ingredient inside

From region "Mamouzia" vineyards, on the slopes of Egialia wine region, in north - west Peloponnese where PDO"Ahaia"wine is produced.

Ingredients:  100% wine grape vinegar, Fresh mandarins from the Greek variety of Chios Island & spices extract.

Net Weight: 250gr



"Sofia tis Fysis" or "Wisdom of nature" was established in 2005 in order to make the best out of 8 hectares of organic farming vineyards in the Nemea region. In 2006, with Community initiative "LEADER+" funding, their production-bottling unit was completed in Koutsi.

From the beginning, we decided to use the well known red wine grapes variety "agiorgitiko" as first material for alternative products.

All their products are organic, without preservatives or additives and production unit runs according to the quality assurance systems ISO 9001:2000 and ΙSO 22000.

The products are certified by the inspection body for organic products DIO.